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Bobcat – This is a bobcat looking for water at a cow tank on my Papa’s ranch in West Texas. Bobcats have a really whiskered face and black tufted ears. I love the way their ears tuft out, it reminds me of my hair in the morning. […]

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black-crested titmouse

Songbirds – I made this birdfeeder and hung it a cottonwood tree in my backyard.  I made it with my little sister.  It wasn’t hard, all we did was cut up some wood boards and cut a little bit of wire and we worked together on it […]

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Beaver Dam

beaver dam

Beaver Dam – This is a beaver dam on the Purgatoire River in Colorado. I love how the beavers have to weave together so many sticks in a watertight pattern, and how they work so hard at it. Beaver dams are great because they create beaver ponds, […]

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Horses – This is Fancy. She is Papa’s horse who lives in West Texas. She is the horse I learned to ride on, and then I learned to walk, trot, saddle and bridle, and lope on. She is tan with a black mane and brown eyes. That […]

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