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Mistletoe – At Christmas time my mom hangs up mistletoe right over the kitchen door.  She stands there so every time my Dad or I pass, she kisses us.  But my Dad and I just punch each other when we get near it. Mistletoe grows in the […]

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Porcupine – Porcupines are about as unusual an animal as I know.  They are rodents that are covered in sharp quills.  A rodent is a rat which makes it even stranger – a rat that lives in trees and has fur like cactus thorns.  I have heard […]

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Buck Track

buck track

Buck Track – Tracks are what we use to track deer when we are hunting.  They look like little upside-down hearts.  When a doe or buck is walking in loose sand or dirt they leave these marks behind.  They are most readable in mud, like this one. […]

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Cottonwood Trees

fall yellow cottonwood

Cottonwood Trees – Cottonwood trees are my favorite, especially in the fall when they turn yellow.  I love the way the leaves look – shaped like a heart.  They are called cottonwoods because the seeds they release are white and fluffy kind of like cotton. They release […]

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