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Pronghorn Antelope Buck

pronghorn antelope buck

Pronghorn Antelope Buck – Pronghorns are the fastest mammal in North America.  They live in open prairies where they can see predators and run from them.  They can run 55 miles per hour, which is kind of hard to imagine, but it’s true. They are called pronghorns […]

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Wild Hogs

wild hog

Wild Hogs – A ‘feral’ or wild hog is a lot like a hog that you keep for bacon and ham and sausage…except that they are wild and mean.  They come from domesticated pigs and Russian wild boars that were released into the wild a long time […]

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Whitetail Buck

whitetail buck

‘ten-point whitetail buck’ Whitetail Buck – Whitetail deer are some of my favorite animals, especially bucks.  The way they run is so graceful.  I love watching them sail over fences with their whitetail flagging up.  Whitetails live everywhere in North America, except for the high mountains.  They […]

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Red-tailed Hawk

red-tailed hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk – The red-tailed hawk is the most common bird of prey on the plains and for most of North America.  I see them year round sitting in the highest trees and telephone poles.  My wildlife book says they mostly prey on small rodents, other birds […]

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