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Wild Turkey

wild turkeys on winter wheat

Wild Turkey – Wild turkeys live just about everywhere in North America.  I see them everywhere on the prairies, fields, and in the woods.  The main thing they must have are roost trees for night time.  Turkeys forage all day on the ground and at night they […]

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Cholla Cactus

cholla cactus

Cholla Cactus – Nicknamed the chain-link cactus, these cacti grow in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Utah.  They grow in deserts, but also on plains and in cow pastures.  When it dies it turns into a hollow wooden cane with big holes in the wood. In a […]

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Canada Geese

canadian geese

Canada Geese – I see these geese every winter, honking as they fly over my head.  Flocks of geese always travel in V formations.  The V is so that each bird can get a rest when not in the lead.  The front bird has to work the […]

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Roadrunner (Chaparral)

road runner - chaparral

Roadrunner (Chaparral) – Have you ever seen one of these racing by and in front of your truck down a dirt road, and then jumping out of the way just in time?  That’s how these birds got their name – road runners.  Some people know them as […]

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