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Tent Caterpillars –

tent caterpillar

Tent Caterpillars – Tent caterpillars build tents – no joke, they really do.  They weave a silk web on the branches of trees which works and is shaped like a tent.  Inside the tent there are different chambers with thick and thin walls for regulating temperature.  Each […]

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Sandhill Plum Blooms

sandhill plum blooms

Sandhill Plum Blooms – These are the spring blooms of the Sandhill Plum.  This tree is small and bears little red plums in early summer that are sour-sweetish.  In the spring, these small white flowers bloom and then become the plums. Do you see the bee that […]

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Blood Moon –

blood moon lunar eclipse

Blood Moon – The night sky is one of the best things about living in the country.  Without city lights to compete, the moon and stars are so bright they seem close enough to touch.  And when the moon is full it is seems almost alive.  Full moons […]

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Chickens –


Chickens – My family has always raised chickens.  We collect the eggs to eat.  Farm eggs taste the best to me.  They are light brown, instead of the white ones that come in the store.  It’s a big deal to get a double-yolker. Every once in a […]

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Bluebonnet Leaves –

bluebonnet leaf

Bluebonnet Leaves – Bluebonnet leaves are green with white edges.  The white edges you see are actually small hairs that cover the leaves.  The leaves branch out in groups of five and are shaped like a star around the plant.  No other plant that I know has […]

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