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Monarch Migration –

monarch return migration

Monarch Migration – Spring time is when Monarch Butterflies start their migration north into the U.S. and all the way to Canada.  During winter they live down in Mexico in deep forests in just one mountain range.  Each butterfly migrates over 2,500 miles every year. The first […]

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Spring Wildflowers –

spring wildflowers - bladderpod

Spring Wildflowers – Wildflowers are everywhere right now.  In some places they cover the ground like these yellow Bladderpods.  Wildflowers grow without being planted or taken care of by people.  They just grow all on their own on roadsides and pastures and wild places.  Many have great […]

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Bull Snake –

bull snake

Bull Snake – Bull snakes are big.  They average up to six feet long.  I see them a lot on Papa’s ranch in Texas.  I catch them if I can, just about every time I see one.  They are amazing creatures to hold in your hands. I […]

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Sandhill Cranes –

sandhill crane migration

Sandhill Cranes – When Sandhill Cranes migrate they travel in large flocks.  Thousands at a time pass over in the spring and fall.  They have a wonderful call that sounds big and wild.  Cranes form large bands of several families to forage for food and have greater […]

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