Baby Rattlesnake –


Baby Rattlesnake –

Here’s a baby you don’t want to cuddle.

That being said, people misunderstand rattlesnakes.  They mistake them for mean, aggressive snakes.  But really they only bite if you are a threat, or about to step on them.  A rattlesnake would never come after you like they do in movies.

Legend says baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous because they can’t control how much venom they inject into you – so they inject all of it.  It seems logical, but actually they inject less.  Their venom is just as potent as an old snake’s.

In this picture the rattlesnake is in striking position.  He can‘t strike any farther than half his body length, which isn’t very long.  This snake isn’t much bigger than the cottonwood leaves next to it.  Sweet camo, huh?

The rattlesnake in this picture only has one rattle, which means he’s basically a year old.  That’s not a good rule for older snakes since they shed more often and break their rattles off.  Whatever a rattlesnake’s true age, everything about them says…stay away.

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