Badger –


Badger –

Badgers live in open prairies and the edges of woods and rocky canyons.  They live in these habitats because there are lots of small animals available like mice, squirrels, and groundhogs.  Badgers can dig easily in the soil to get to this underground prey.

Badgers have big claws on their front feet.  They use these for digging burrows and digging prey out of their dens.  Their hind legs are also well suited for digging.  They are short, stout, and very strong.  They primarily hunt and forage during the night, but they will come out during the day in favorable conditions.

Badgers are ferocious.  Every inch of their body seems like a baseball bat covered in razorblades.  I saw one chewing on a diamondback rattlesnake one time.  I’ve never heard of anything chewing on a badger.

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