Black Widow Spider –

black widow

Black Widow Spider –

The black widow spider lives in most warm weather places.  I have found them in nooks and crannies all around my house and in the woods.  They are venomous spiders and their toxin is more potent than a rattlesnake’s.  Bites are not usually extremely serious, since they are not able to inject a great deal of the toxin since they are so small.

Most of the black widows you notice are females, because of the bright red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen and the big black shape of their body.  They are called black widows because the female eats the male after they mate.  Then she builds a puffy white egg sack and lays her eggs inside.

One time my dad and I were hunting and there was an old well that didn’t work anymore, and on each of the four corners was a big web and a black widow in the middle.  Another time me and my sister were playing, and we found one in a barrel so we called our dad and he smashed it with a shoe.

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