Blue Catfish –

blue catfish

Blue Catfish –

This is the biggest catfish of several catfish species in North America.  They can grow to be five feet long, but most of them are around three and a half feet full grown.  I like to catch all kinds of fish, but mainly when I go fishing I am hoping for a monster blue cat.

The blue catfish lives up and down the Mississippi River, and most other rivers and lakes in the lower half of the United States.  These catfish scavenge around for just about anything that is dead, but they also go for wounded or weaker fish.

Once when we were fishing we caught a pretty big bass that we were going to take home and cook, but we forgot our fish basket so we put him on a stringer and tied him to the dock down in the shallows.  Later that day I noticed that there was another fish on the stringer and we went over to it and it was a two foot blue catfish stealing our fish.  The blue cat had eaten half our bass alive!

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