Bluebonnet Leaves –

bluebonnet leaf

Bluebonnet Leaves –

Bluebonnet leaves are green with white edges.  The white edges you see are actually small hairs that cover the leaves.  The leaves branch out in groups of five and are shaped like a star around the plant.  No other plant that I know has leaves quite like this.

The cool part is that when it rains, the leaves catch small droplets of water – kind of like a hand catching a ball.  The water droplets run down the channel-like leaves and join in the center into one big droplet.  The bluebonnet leaf ‘hand’ cradles the rain drop in the center.

The light hits the droplet from the top and underneath.  It becomes a beautiful blue diamond of water.  Bluebonnet blooms are great, but the leaves are very special too.

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