Bobcat –

This is a bobcat looking for water at a cow tank on my Papa’s ranch in West Texas. Bobcats have a really whiskered face and black tufted ears. I love the way their ears tuft out, it reminds me of my hair in the morning. I think a bobcat is one of the coolest and rarest animals you can see in the outdoors.  See his “bobbed” tail?

They also have great camouflage in the woods where I live so that you can barely see them (that is how they sneak up on their prey). Their grey, brown and mottled tan fur with black specks makes them blend into the grass on the plains and the brush in the forest.

The water goes down as more animals come to drink. There is a long list of birds and insects and animals that come to drink at this waterhole. I’ll add them all to my journal eventually.

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