Box Turtle

box turtle

Box Turtle –

These box turtles show up about everywhere. They cruise around taking their time and enjoying the landscape. They even blink slow if you watch them a little bit. They live everywhere that I have ever been.

If I could be an animal, a box turtle would be in my top five choices. They can live 50 to 100 years and get to go wherever they please. They eat about anything including dead things, bugs and plants. I have seen them chewing on prickly pear palms and fruits many times. What a great design to carry your cave with you everywhere you go.

Whenever I find one I always play with it and watch it for a while. I keep them for pets sometimes but my dad always makes me turn them loose after a few days. Every time I find an old shell of a dead one I just have to pick it up and bring it home. I don’t have anything special to make out of the hollow shell, but it seems too cool to leave on the ground.

For a wild animal, box turtles just seem friendly.

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