Bull Snake –

bull snake

Bull Snake –

Bull snakes are big.  They average up to six feet long.  I see them a lot on Papa’s ranch in Texas.  I catch them if I can, just about every time I see one.  They are amazing creatures to hold in your hands.

I usually take them out to the pasture away from the house.  They aren’t poisonous so we never kill them when we find them someplace.  We like them because they the keep the mice and rats in check.  They kill their prey by constricting and squeezing them to death.  Sometimes bull snakes even eat rattlesnakes.  Bull snakes are our friends.

Bull snakes have a spotted pattern running down their back and will coil up and buzz just like a rattler.  If you don’t look closely, they seem a lot like rattlesnakes.  That is why they get killed on accident many times.

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