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Golden-fronted Woodpecker


Golden-fronted Woodpecker Woodpeckers can be heard in the woods in almost any state.  The golden-fronted species that lives off the caprock in Texas has the main characteristics of all woodpeckers – a red head and a black and white back. The male and female have bright gold […]

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Bumble Bee and Blazing Star –


Bumble Bee and Blazing Star – Whenever you see a honey bee you think of honey and where they have it stored.  But with bumblebees that’s not the case – bumblebees don’t make honey.  They just collect nectar and pollen.  Then they take it to their nectar […]

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Baby Rattlesnake –


Baby Rattlesnake – Here’s a baby you don’t want to cuddle. That being said, people misunderstand rattlesnakes.  They mistake them for mean, aggressive snakes.  But really they only bite if you are a threat, or about to step on them.  A rattlesnake would never come after you […]

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Fall Rains –


Fall Rains – Rain is always good.  But fall rain is special.  It’s kind of like a mother.  The ‘mother rain’ is the rain that germinates all the little wildflower seeds like Texas bluebonnets, Indian blankets, and Queen Anne’s lace.  That’s why wildflowers are the first ones […]

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Burrowing Owl –

burrowing owl

Burrowing Owl – Burrowing owls are tricky; they break all the rules. They live in holes in the ground, instead of in trees.  When I see a family of owls standing near their ground burrow, I wonder how they dug it.  Owls have sharp talons for grabbing […]

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Sideoats Grama –

Side-oats grama grass

Sideoats Grama – Sideoats grama is Texas’ state grass.  Grama doesn’t mean grandma.  Grama means ‘pasture’ grass.  I think it’s Latin.  The grama grasses are the best forage in the world for cattle…and buffalo. Sideoats grama is mainly a bunch grass which makes great dove and quail […]

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