Cottonwood Trees

fall yellow cottonwood

Cottonwood Trees –

Cottonwood trees are my favorite, especially in the fall when they turn yellow.  I love the way the leaves look – shaped like a heart.  They are called cottonwoods because the seeds they release are white and fluffy kind of like cotton. They release these seeds in the spring and it is beautiful to watch.  Cottonwoods only grow by a consistent supply of water, like a river or lake.

Sometimes I sit under the cottonwood tree in my backyard and read a book and sometimes I take naps under it.  The sound of the wind blowing softly into the leaves makes me drift off most of the time when I’m reading.  They make a gentle click-clack sound back and forth that sounds like water falling.

One time the wind was blowing so hard into the leaves that I thought my sister was calling for me.  I went looking for her and I finally asked my Dad where she was.  He told me she was at a friend’s house.  It was pretty funny.

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