Crappie –

This fish has an odd name.  You pronounce it like “croppie”.  Crappie swim in large schools and are in most lakes.  They spawn, or breed, in the spring and if you catch a large school of them in an inlet or shallow area, you can catch a mess of them fast.

They have a large diet, so many different kinds of bait will work.  My dad taught me to use a crappie jig which is the lure you see in this photo.  You just drop it in and bounce it up and down a little ways off the shore or boat.  If the crappie are there, they will bite.

At dawn and dusk the fishing is best.  Crappie are hunting for food then and it is easy to get a few.  Crappie aren’t very big, but they are delicious.  When we get 20 or so, we fillet them and roll them in cornmeal and fry them up.  Spring is the time to start fishing, and eating fish, again.

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