wasp & wild buckwheat

Fall –

Fall is my favorite season. So many things are happening outdoors and indoors.

In the outdoors everything is prepping for winter like this paper wasp on wild buckwheat. She is eating nectar and preparing to hibernate all winter. I see these wasps all the time when we cut wood and they are hidden away behind bark and sleeping. They can’t move or sting you when it’s cold. I’ve been stung tons of times in the summer. My mom always gives me a paper towel with bleach on it to put on the sting. I’m not sure what that does.

Fall is when most of the hunting seasons open too, which I think about and plan for all year; deer, elk, turkey, quail, dove…

Indoors in the fall is good because of making fires in the fireplace and Dallas Cowboys football and watching the World Series and Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wish I could go to school all summer and get the fall off all to myself.

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