Grizzly Bear –

grizzly bear and cub

Grizzly Bear –

Grizzlies are huge, brown, and strong.  Notice the claws on this mature sow.  They are also great parents.  They will do anything to protect their cubs from predators.  Grizzlies are widely known for attacking humans, but this rarely happens.  They only attack humans if they feel threatened, or if they feel their cubs are in possible danger.

I saw this Grizzly bear and cub in Yellowstone National Park.  Yellowstone has lots of Grizzlies and other awesome animals.  This sow’s tiny cub is following her having recently left their winter den.  Mother Grizzlies usually give birth to an average of two cubs every other year.  These bears are foraging for food; plants, roots, berries, small animals, and winter-killed buffalo and elk.  Bears spend all spring and summer stuffing themselves with food and growing fat, because they don’t eat during their long winter hibernation.

Lewis and Clark ran into a grizzly for the first time in 1805.  It took ten rifle shots to kill the bear.

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