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One day at my school the author of the Hank books came by, John R. Erickson, and we had a class assembly. He played his banjo and sang songs from some of the books like “Cats Are Stupid”. That’s what really started me on reading those books, and now they are some of my favorite books

In one book, Sally May gets a parrot, but she doesn’t know that it talks. The parrot learns to mimic Sally May’s voice, and it tells Hank to do all of this bad stuff. So Hank doesn’t know that the parrot can talk either, and so he does the bad stuff. When he gets in trouble he is really surprised and tries to tell her that she told him to do it, but of course he can’t because he is a dog.

In The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, Hank jumps over a fence and lands on a porcupine. I thought that part was hilarious when I first read it. And then later on in the story he jumps over the same fence and lands next to a skunk. It sprays him.

These books are fun to read, and a lot of them are about outdoor stuff I like to do anyway.

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