Hognose Snake

hognose snake

Hognose Snake –

This snake is called hognose for the tip of its nose.  The tip is turned up just like a hog’s, and it is used for the same thing too, digging in the ground.  This snake is non-venomous, although it looks like a cobra by puffing its head and neck out.  They eat rodents, lizards, toads and frogs.

When threatened these snakes will play dead for a really long time.  To play dead they turn upside down, open their mouths and poop all over the place. This is to make them stink and smell like a rotten animal that wouldn’t be good to eat.

One time I was out walking in the pasture near my house with my dog.  He ran over and started barking at something, so I jogged over and found a dead snake that had a really pretty skin.  So I put it in a sack and took it home to skin with my Dad and hang it on the wall in my room.  When we got home I put it down on the ground on our back porch and went inside to tell Dad.  When we came out of the house I saw the bag wriggling around.  So we opened up the sack and my Dad started laughing because I had picked up a live hognose snake.

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