Hummingbird Moth

hummingbird moth

Hummingbird Moth –

These are big moths that look, act and sound like hummingbirds. When it feeds on the nectar of flowers it hovers in the air and makes a humming noise – which is how it got its name.

I hear hummingbirds a lot because my mom puts out hummingbird feeders, so when I heard this insect I thought it was a hummingbird. There are a lot of different kinds of hummingbird moths. I found some moth eggs one time. They are small and round, and are light green and glossy. They looked kind of like alien eggs to me.

This moth is feeding on a Clammyweed by using his proboscis. That is the long straw he keeps curled up on his face. He uses his proboscis the same way I use a straw to slurp up Dr. Pepper.

The Clammyweed is a plant that grows most places in the US. The weed is tall and has a bunch of flowers bunched up at the top kind of like it has its own bouquet. It has stamens that are long and sticky, and it smells bad too. It looks pretty though, and provides nectar for butterflies and moths even during droughts.

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