Mule Deer

mule deer

Mule Deer –

These deer are called “mulies” because their ears are similar to a mule’s ears.  Mule Deer are everywhere around my house.  They live in the tall grass fields and on the side of the mountains in the forest.  I see them all the time and we get to hunt them in the fall for meat.  My Dad and I go hunting for deer every year on a big trip with some of our friends.  I look forward to it all year long.  We call it Deer Camp.

We have a few Mule Deer who have been stuffed and mounted in various places around my house.  One Thanksgiving my Dad shot a buck and we decide to have him mounted.  We put his head up on the wall and named him Pilgrim, and now every time we eat deer meat we say, “Thank you Pilgrim”, even though we ate up the rest of his meat a long time ago.

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