This is me, Wilder.  This is my Nature Journal.  Check back every now and then for new entries about outdoor stuff.  I am always coming across something interesting.

Tiger Salamander

tiger salamander

Tiger Salamander – Salamanders are small and somewhat slimy amphibians that live everywhere…even if you don’t see them.  This species is called Tiger Salamander because it is black with yellow stripes just like a tiger.  Their camouflage is pretty slick, huh? I used to have a pet […]

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Bobwhite Quail Covey –

bobwhite quail covey

Bobwhite Quail Covey – Quail live in large families on the ground.  This big group of quail is a called a covey.  There can be as many as 50 or 60 birds, or as few as five in a covey.  Mostly I see coveys of about 20 […]

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Tadpole –


Tadpole – Tadpoles are the larval stage of frogs.  Frogs lay their eggs underwater, which hatch into tiny tadpoles.  They grow large flat tails so they can swim like a fish in their first underwater world, usually a big mud puddle in the Spring. Over time these […]

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American Basket Flower –

American basket flower

American Basket Flower – This purple flower is similar to several species of thorny thistles.  Most people think it is just a bad weed when they see it from a distance.  But unlike all those invading thistles that resemble it, the American basket flower is a native […]

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Mockingbird –


Mockingbird – A mockingbird can reproduce almost any sound it hears in the wild.  Some scientists believe they can then use the new ‘language’ to talk to other animals.  I saw a mockingbird ‘coo’ like the female dove’s call, and three male doves rushed to the scene and […]

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Funnel-web Spider –

funnel-web spider

Funnel-web Spider – This spider builds a small funnel-shaped nest that is always hidden away in the dark shadows of a grass pasture or a tree.  The spider is about the size of a quarter and super fast.  The funnel area of the web traps grasshoppers and […]

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