Paper Wasp –

paper wasp

Paper Wasp –

Paper wasps make their nests out of a substance exactly like paper.  The materials they use are small plant fibers harvested from their surrounding area.  Then the wasps glue the fibers together with their saliva.  They make a large umbrella-shaped and waterproof nest out of the mixture.  The inside of the nest is shaped like honeycomb, just like the inside of a bee’s nest.

Paper wasps also need lots of water when making their nests.  The shape of their foot and their small weight lets them land on the surface, but the tension of the water’s surface molecules keeps them up.  The water molecules stick together and the wasp simply rests on top of the water, instead of floating like a boat.

Wasps have a bad sting, but they won’t let you have it unless you mess with them.  My dad taught me the saying “Let a bee, be”, which has been pretty good advice.

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