Pronghorn Antelope Buck

pronghorn antelope buck

Pronghorn Antelope Buck –

Pronghorns are the fastest mammal in North America.  They live in open prairies where they can see predators and run from them.  They can run 55 miles per hour, which is kind of hard to imagine, but it’s true.

They are called pronghorns because they have long, sharp horns that curve backwards and have a small prong in the middle of the horn.  They have the body of a deer with longer legs, a shorter tail and a longer nose.  They also have white stripes of fur on their face, neck, stomach and rump.

Pronghorns are very curious animals.  Sometimes they will walk right up to you in a feed pickup or even just out walking.  They stare at you as if to say, “What are you doing out here?”  I suppose they know that if you tried to grab them, they can outrun you pretty easy.

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