Rattlesnake –

Prairie rattlesnakes are a venomous pit viper snake. They are pit vipers because they have a heat sensing organ between their eye and nostril. By sensing heat they find and strike at their prey – which is primarily mice and rats and baby rabbits.

Prairie rattlers look a lot alike a diamondback rattler except the pattern on the back is different. The patterns on their backs help them blend into scenery so that they don’t get eaten and can eat others, and it works pretty well.

My family has had a lot of rattlesnake stories. Me and my Dad saw four rattlesnakes in one day! We killed them and kept their rattles. Another time my family was having a picnic and there was a big rattlesnake right under the table we kept the food on. And on one day, my Dad found a little rattlesnake on a hunting trip, and so we cut its head off and cut it open on a rock to keep the skin and the rattle and its heart was still beating for about 15 minutes after we cut off its head.

Rattlesnakes are awesome, and kind of scary.

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