Rio Grande Wild Turkey –

Rio Grande wild turkey

Rio Grande Wild Turkey –

The Rio Grande has the largest population and range of all of the North American wild turkey species.  During the fall you can hunt turkeys at the same time as deer.  The toms (males) usually stay together in big bachelor groups, while the hens and their summer broods form large flocks.

Turkeys roam the woods and plains eating plants, seeds, and insects.  They are impossible to sneak up on.  You have to be very still next to a tree or in a treestand to get a chance at one.  Each night they head to tall roost trees to sleep.

We usually eat a couple wild turkeys each year on Thanksgiving.  They don’t taste exactly like a store-bought turkey, but something about eating your own harvested bird on Thanksgiving feels good.  Feels like the first Thanksgiving, which is right.

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