Sandhill Plum Blooms

sandhill plum blooms

Sandhill Plum Blooms –

These are the spring blooms of the Sandhill Plum.  This tree is small and bears little red plums in early summer that are sour-sweetish.  In the spring, these small white flowers bloom and then become the plums.

Do you see the bee that is on one of the blooms?  The bee that is on that bloom is helping the plant to produce fruit.  It is gathering the sweet nectar to eat, but while it does this it spreads pollen which pollinates the bud so that it can make fruit.

Sandhill plum jelly is my favorite jelly that my Mom makes.  One time she burned the plums though, and the entire jelly batch was bitter.  We ate it anyways and it was still pretty good.

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