Scorpion –


Scorpion –

Scorpions have a wicked design.  They have two huge crab claws out front to grip prey with and then – WHAM – a venomous stinger slams prey from directly overhead.  Then the predator eats the paralyzed prey alive.

The stinger is on the end of their tail which curls up and over their body.  It’s full of venom just like a wasp or a bee.  I have never been stung by one but supposedly it hurts worse than a wasp.  Scorpions live in dark places outside and inside.  At night they come out to hunt.  They eat all types of bugs which makes them beneficial mainly.

But I have read Steinbeck’s The Pearl and in that book a scorpion stings a baby which sounds awful, and turns out to be pretty awful too.  So, I step on them when I see them at night.

Somehow, the most venomous insects and animals just look dangerous.

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