Sunflowers –


Sunflowers –

Everyone likes sunflowers.  They have bright yellow petals around a dark middle.  The middle of a sunflower is called a disk flower.  It has hundreds of small blooms that become seeds.  The spiral design that the seeds grow in is found all over nature.  It is called the Fibonacci, or Golden, Spiral and it can be mapped out with numbers.

I always eat sunflower seeds during baseball games.  My favorite flavor is dill pickle.  Last year we saved the sunflower seeds from our garden and put salt and pepper all over them and roasted them.  They were pretty good but not as good as the store ones.

Once you start planting sunflowers in your garden, they grow like weeds.  They shoot up so fast.  This year we didn’t get any tomatoes in our garden because our sunflowers were taking all the sunlight.

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