Texas Wildflowers –

spring wildflowers - Garza county, TX

Texas Wildflowers –

This is highway 651 in Garza County, TX.  It has been a rainy spring and the wildflowers are blooming and growing like crazy everywhere.  Try and count all the different species near this road.  Wildflowers have great names.

There are at least six different wildflower species on the roadside: Sunflowers, Spectacle Pods, Indian Blankets, Lazy Daisies, Yellow Woolly-Whites, and Greenthreads.  My favorite are the Indian Blankets.  I love how distinct they appear in this picture, and how well they pop out because there are not any flowers that are the same red color.  They appear as a bright red spot on a canvas of green, yellow, and white.

I also love the Sunflowers.  I love how tall they grow later in the summer and the shade they produce right by our garden.  Sometimes I go lay under them and read a book about big adventures.

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