Tiger Salamander

tiger salamander

Tiger Salamander –

Salamanders are small and somewhat slimy amphibians that live everywhere…even if you don’t see them.  This species is called Tiger Salamander because it is black with yellow stripes just like a tiger.  Their camouflage is pretty slick, huh?

I used to have a pet salamander a long time ago.  It lived in an aquarium under a bunch of mud so we never saw it.  We named it Sal.  They eat bugs mostly.  We fed Sal rolly-pollies and crickets that we found under the railroad ties in our backyard.  It was fun to watch him come out and eat them, but if he wasn’t hungry he never came out.

Salamanders can live forever it seems, like ten to fifteen years.  That is a long time for small animals.  They can also grow to be huge too.  The average size is about six or seven inches, but some can get up to as big as fourteen inches.

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