Where The Red Fern Grows

Where The Red Fern Grows

Where The Red Fern Grows –

This book is about a boy named Billy Coleman who lives with his dad, mom, and two little sisters in the Ozark Mountains.  He wants a pair of coonhounds so he can go hunting.  His family is poor and cannot afford to buy him some so he makes a plan to buy them himself.  He works and saves for two years for the $50 he needs!

Billy orders and buys the pups.  Their breed name is Redbone which I think is a great name.  He immediately loves them and names them Old Dan and Little Ann.  His grandpa and dad help him train the pups on the river bottom where lots of raccoons live.  They catch a lot of coons together and even go to a big competition and win.

This was such a great book.  There is something special about dogs.  Lots of other things happen in this book, but I don’t want to tell you the end.  I will say this though, it’s a tear-jerker.

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