Whitetail Buck

whitetail buck
‘ten-point whitetail buck’

Whitetail Buck –

Whitetail deer are some of my favorite animals, especially bucks.  The way they run is so graceful.  I love watching them sail over fences with their whitetail flagging up.  Whitetails live everywhere in North America, except for the high mountains.  They are found on the plains, river bottoms and deep woods.  They live in swamp lands and arid desert areas.  In the fall, people in all 50 states hunt them each year and then sit down to venison steaks in the winter.

Whitetail deer eat lots of things; corn, acorns, berries, cacti, wheat, grass, and they have a special stomach that lets them eat crazy stuff like poisonous mushrooms and poison ivy!

I get excited every time I find an antler shed in the woods.  I have a couple sheds mounted on my wall as a coatrack.  There is something special about antlers.  I wish I had swords mounted on my head too.

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