Wild Hogs

wild hog

Wild Hogs –

A ‘feral’ or wild hog is a lot like a hog that you keep for bacon and ham and sausage…except that they are wild and mean.  They come from domesticated pigs and Russian wild boars that were released into the wild a long time ago.  Wild hogs can be aggressive, and sometimes will charge you if they think you are threatening them or their babies.

They are dangerous because they grow big tusks for fighting.  There is a tusk on the bottom and the top of their mouths that grows long and sticks out.  Each time they open and close their mouths the top tusks sharpen the bottom tusks to a razor edge.  They run and then slash with these weapons.

I found a big boar skull in the woods one time and brought it home.  The skull looks awesome because it has about four inch tusks sticking out of the bottom of its jaw.  You can pull the tusks out of the jaw, and they look super long, kind of like knives.  We hunt and trap wild hogs all the time.  I like to keep the tusks.

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