Wild Turkey

wild turkeys on winter wheat

Wild Turkey –

Wild turkeys live just about everywhere in North America.  I see them everywhere on the prairies, fields, and in the woods.  The main thing they must have are roost trees for night time.  Turkeys forage all day on the ground and at night they choose a high tree to sleep in away from all the ground predators like bobcats and coyotes.  They are omnivores since they eat seeds, nuts, grasses, berries, and sometimes small lizards and snakes.

You can hunt turkeys in the spring and fall but it’s a little more exciting in the spring.  The toms, or the males, gobble back and forth in the woods and fight for the rights to breed the hens.  They fight with long spurs on their heels and strut around with their feathers out.  Tom turkeys grow long beards of hair right out of their chests.

This flock of turkeys is eating winter wheat, which is a type of wheat that is planted in late fall.  A good stand of winter wheat is a magnet for all types of wildlife, especially foraging turkeys.

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