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      Share your ‘Be Wilder’ experiences in the outdoors; tomato gardens, sunsets, caught fish, deer hunts, stories, poems, art, training your dog or riding a horse.  

       Anything from nature that got your hands a little dirty.

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being wilder in Zion National Park

Being Wilder in Zion National Park – Utah

Reader Photo Submitted: May 25, 2016




Rattlesnake In A Deer Blind

– A Story from a Reader in the Texas Hill Country

I’d been looking forward to this day all year!! It was opening day of youth deer season in the Texas Hill country. My dad and I got to the blind around 4:00 and settled in. We sat and watched the bucks chase does, but could never get a shot.

It got really dark so it was time to go. Dad opened the door to get out of the blind, and I said, “Daddy, what’s that sound?” (This was before he got his hearing aids and probably why he got them!!) He answered, “What sound?” It was a rattling sound. When he finally heard the sound he knew it was rattlesnake. He slammed the door quick. We couldn’t find a flashlight, and his phone was dead. It was so dark by that time that that we couldn’t see a thing. My dad was going to make a run for the truck. He told me to shut the door behind him and do not open it. He made a huge leap out of the blind and ran as fast as he could. He said it was like doing hurdles in high school! He thought everything was a snake! I was sitting in the blind by myself, and had shut all the windows because I was really scared. 

Eventually, my dad made it back to the blind with the truck and found the snake two feet from the door of the blind. He was trying to tell me he was going to shoot it, but I couldn’t hear because of the windows and door being shut. Luckily, I didn’t get out of the blind.

He shot it many times in the head to make sure it was dead. All the while I was hoping the snake didn’t bite him. He got me out of the blind after it was dead. We looked at the snake. It was massive! I felt a huge relief when I finally got in the truck. That is one hunt I will never forget. And now, we have five flashlights in the blind!

Reader Story Submitted: January 3, 2016



Wilder Good in Africa

Wilder Good in Africa – Uganda

Reader Photo Submitted: June 1, 2014








Arizona rocks

Rock Climbing – AZ

I took my first trip out of Texas during Spring Break and was able to
see 4 states! These awesome rocks were in Arizona. My sisters and I
saw all sorts of lizards on them. I never could catch one. Those lil
boogers were FAST!

Reader Photo Submitted: April 23, 2014








Belton Lake Crappie fishing

Crappie Fishing w/Lab – Belton Lake, TX

She told me there was fish there, but I think she was lying.

Reader Photo Submitted: March 27, 2014







Manhattan hunting dogsManhattan Hunting Dogs – Manhattan, NYC

Here’s my friend’s pit bull and my two hunting dogs – Dachshunds.  Most people know them as “weiner dogs” but they are fierce hunters with great noses.  They hunt and kill mice and rats on our walks around New York City and Central Park.  They are a male and female named Gus and Jaden.

That’s pretty wild for the city!

Reader Photo Submitted: January 31, 2014






first deerFirst Deer – Kent County, TX 

“I know what I’m not telling, and that’s where we were hunting! Can’t give up our secret spot….  It was cold that day I was hunting with dad! I missed the buck twice over the shoulder, but then I made a good shot.  I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to get to the house and show my mom and sister.  An 11-pointer!”

Reader Photo Submitted: December 23, 2013






first buckFirst Buck – Clarkston, MI

I arrowed my first buck while hunting on my great uncle’s property.  The six point buck responded to my grunt call.  It was incredible!

Reader Photo Submitted: December 3, 2013









blackswallowtailRaising Butterflies – Lubbock, TX

My dad found a black swallowtail in our front yard.  We brung it inside since it was cold, and its abdomen looked full so we put it on some parsley.  She laid her eggs in about four days and then died.  In a few days the eggs hatched and became baby swallowtail caterpillars.

Reader Photo Submitted: November 18, 2013








Wildering West Virginia

Exploring with Cat and Mom – Bluefield, WV

When I’m walking in the woods, I see pretty leves.  I see deer.  Some times my cat goes with me.

Reader Photo Submitted: October 28, 2013









Reading Wilder 2Bowhunting with Dad – Willow Springs, MO

I read Wilder today from a double tree stand on our place.  Dad and I were sitting there watching for deer.  We saw birds and bats and spiders…

Reader Photo Submitted: October 15, 2013








6x6 bull elk

Wilder Elk – Angel Fire, NM

I harvested this bull with my Dad.  He had open-heart surgery four months ago and I didn’t know if we would ever hunt together again.  He has healed up and it was a very special hunt that I will always remember.  I love my Dad.

Reader Photo Submitted: October 5, 2013







WilderingBeing Wilder – Mayhill, NM

I felt like Wilder stepping over these big logs. I pictured the woods like this when he got hurt while carrying all that elk meat down the hill.  I was on a camping trip with my family.

Reader Photo Submitted: September 25, 2013











Reading Wilder 1

Reading Wilder – East Quogue, NY

I love the book The Elk Hunt.  It is an adventurous book with great
characters.  My favorite character is Gale Loving because I like how he
is patient, loving, and cautious with Wilder Good.  I can’t wait for
the second Wilder Good book!

Reader Photo Submitted: September 17, 2013










collared lizardCollared Lizard – Caprock Canyons State Park, TX

My granddad took me camping in this state park and we caught this cool lizard.  It was hot but we toughed it out.

Reader Photo Submitted: September 10, 2013




Reading Wilder

Reading Wilder – Lubbock, TX

I like how Wilder gets scared to shoot the elk.  I feel the same way sometimes.  But then he gets brave and does some cool things.

Reader Photo Submitted: September 4, 2013















Missouri sunsetSky Above – Simms Valley, MO

I went bass fishing all day and wasn’t expecting such a beautiful sunset to end my day.

Reader Photo Submitted: August 26, 2013






cloud lake

Cloud Lake – Quogue, NY

This is a picture of the clouds reflection on lake water. I went to a refuge we live near and really liked this picture I took. It reminds me of God’s beautiful creation.

Reader Photo Submitted: August 20, 2013





duckblindDuck hunting – Peconic Bay, NY

This is the blind I build onto my boat this past waterfowl season. It was an amazing project to plan, build and then hunt out of.  Can you see it in the background?  The ducks can’t either.

Reader Photo Submitted: August 13, 2013






snowmass mountain

Wilder backpacking – Snowmass Mountain, CO

A few buddies and I made a quick trip up to Snowmass Mountain in the Elk Range of west-central Colorado.  During the summit to 14,092 feet, all conversation ceased as we sucked the mountain air hard for oxygen with our un-acclimated Texas lungs.

Reader Photo Submitted: August 3, 2013



butterfly hatchBlack Swallowtail Hatch – Willow Springs, MO

My sister said, “You’re a daddy now!” after this chrysalis I raised hatched into a black swallowtail butterfly.

Reader Photo Submitted: July 28, 2013







Devils CourthouseDevil’s Courthouse – NC

My dad and I from the top of a mountain ridge in North Carolina named “Devil’s Courthouse”.  We could see four states;  North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Georgia!

Reader Photo Submitted: July 24, 2013




Mogollon RimMogollon Rim – AZ

Sitting on the Mogollon Rim (pronounced mogyon) in AZ, with my brother
and friend. We saw wild raspberry patches with black bear scat close
by too!

Reader Photo Submitted: July 16, 2013





sketch - Long Island SoundPlein air sketch – Long Island Sound

I’m sketching the dunes of Long Island and drifting too far out in my kayak. (This photo is from Wilder Good illustrator, Cliff Wilke.)

Reader Photo Submitted: July 9, 2013












ChargeWilder Charge! – Pacific Ocean, CA

My brother and I spent a week in California this summer. Here is a photo of us building up courage to get crushed by some waves in the Pacific Ocean.

Reader Photo Submitted: July 3, 2013







bull snakeBull Snake – Garza County, TX

I caught this 6 foot bull snake on my ranch.  They are good snakes that eat mice and rattlesnakes.

Reader Photo Submitted: June 25, 2013









largemouthbassLargemouth Bass – Searcy, AR

He lives in a pond by my house. His name is Ned. I try to catch him once a week. He’s sneaky and most of the time he doesn’t bite. But sometimes he does.

Reader Photo Submitted: June 19, 2013









Wilder cowboying – Grandview, TX

I had to rope a heifer that escaped into a fresh cut hay pasture.  It got pretty wild.

Reader Photo Submitted: June 12, 2013







gardening with Dad

Gardening with Dad – Phoenix, AZ

Planting Cora Vinca annuals and Zinnias.

Reader Photo Submitted: June 4, 2013




Scout and snakeWilder Dog – Mountain View, MO

My dog Scout’s encounter with a black rat snake.

Reader Photo Submitted: May 29, 2013








snakes galore

Water Snakes Galore – Abilene, TX

These water snakes were everywhere at this lake, one even tried to steal a fish off our line!

Reader Photo Submitted: May 21, 2013







Robin eggsRobin Eggs – Riverhead, NY


I found a Robins nest on the ground by the pond at the Ranch. The eggs were still warm, so I put under an incubator to see if they will hatch. I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on Robins, they are pretty interesting.

Reader Photo Submitted: May 15, 2013






MendenhallMendenhall Glacier, AK

Here’s a ‘Wilder’ pic from Juneau.

Reader Photo Submitted: May 6, 2013








TX bluebonnet

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets tell us spring has sprung in Texas.

Temple, TX

Reader Photo Submitted: April 29, 2013





imageLake Taneycomo, MO

35 degrees, 20mph wind,4 layers of clothes, fly rod, and an 18 inch
rainbow trout…being wilder!

Reader Photo Submitted: April 24, 2013







2013-04-11-16.49.45Getting Wilder after school

Blue catfish – Lake Belton, TX

Reader Photo Submitted: April 20, 2013








Ellie Living Wilder

Ellie Living Wilder

I thought you’d appreciate Ellie and I “Living Wilder” out by Nates place.

Life couldn’t be any better!

Riverhead, NY

Reader Photo Submitted: March 8, 2013

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