Book #4 – The Green Colt

The Green Colt - 3 awards

The Green Colt  (#4)

2017 Wrangler Award Winner – Western Heritage Awards 
2017 Spur Finalist Winner – Western Writers of America
2017 Will Rogers Gold Medallion Winner – Will Rogers Awards
The Green Colt is told beautifully, with grace and quiet power, and shows S. J. Dahlstrom to be a big new talent. I highly recommend this wonderful book.”  — Nancy Plain, award-winning author and vice-president of Western Writers of America   


Wilder Good returns to Texas to find a young horse, a green colt, waiting for him.  When his grandpa’s gift and the ever-present instructions of figure-it-out become too much, a Mexican vaquero is hired.  Called Tequito, the man helps Wilder discover the magic that can exist between horses and humans, as Tequito himself reflects on his own breaking as a youth.

The Green Colt tells the story of cowboying in America, through eyes of a young American boy and a real vaquero from Mexico.  The contributions of the Mexican cowboy heritage are seldom noted, but this novel exposes the well-known legacy of American cowboying to its age-old Mexican roots.

Breaking his new colt is a challenge, but—as Wilder discovers—it’s only the beginning of the joy and pain of owning a horse.

Award-winning author S. J. Dahlstrom delivers a powerful story with a timeless theme. A welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf.




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“One test of really good young readers’ fiction is that it can engage old readers. Being in my ninth decade, I have no immediate plans for breaking green colts, but I loved, as will a young reader, being told how an expert cowboy models and a willing boy learns to gentle a wild thing, to be let in on the subtle moves and the real terminology of artful know-how.”—Eva Brann, former Dean of St. John’s College and author of Homeric Moments and Doublethink/Doubletalk

“Dahlstrom’s signature backdrop of nature, both the beauty and the harshness, once again illustrates why it is one of life’s best teachers.”—Kristen Campbell, English Teacher and former Teacher of the Year

“Much like Gary Paulsen, Dahlstrom has a way of bringing the reader right alongside the main character in the real life adventures he has.”  – Cari Thompson, Teacher and Reading Specialist

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