This is me, Wilder.  This is my Nature Journal.  Check back every now and then for new entries about outdoor stuff.  I am always coming across something interesting.

Grizzly Bear -

grizzly bear and cub

Grizzly Bear – Grizzlies are huge, brown, and strong.  Notice the claws on this mature sow.  They are also great parents.  They will do anything to protect their cubs from predators.  Grizzlies are widely known for attacking humans, but this rarely happens.  They only attack humans if […]

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Badger -


Badger – Badgers live in open prairies and the edges of woods and rocky canyons.  They live in these habitats because there are lots of small animals available like mice, squirrels, and groundhogs.  Badgers can dig easily in the soil to get to this underground prey. Badgers […]

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Texas Wildflowers -

spring wildflowers - Garza county, TX

Texas Wildflowers – This is highway 651 in Garza County, TX.  It has been a rainy spring and the wildflowers are blooming and growing like crazy everywhere.  Try and count all the different species near this road.  Wildflowers have great names. There are at least six different […]

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Spring Storms -

spring storms - anvil cloud

Spring Storms – This storm formation is called an anvil cloud.  The severe storm inside it builds and builds until it gets so high that it flattens out on the bottom of the stratosphere.  The stratosphere is about 6 miles high, so it makes the cloud look […]

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Wheat Pasture Cattle -

Wheat Pasture Cattle

Wheat Pasture Cattle – During winter and spring, cattle dot wheat fields like little fishing boats in a green sea.  The hard red winter wheat that they graze is planted in September.  If rains come, the wheat germinates and begins to grow and spreads its slender green […]

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Bees and Pollination -

bee on a bluebonnet

Bees and Pollination – Bees are a keystone species.  This means that the role they play in creation affects every other form of life.  Bees are pollinators. Pollination is what happens when a bee flies from flower to flower, drinking nectar and collecting pollen.  As they land […]

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