This is me, Wilder.  This is my Nature Journal.  Check back every now and then for new entries about outdoor stuff.  I am always coming across something interesting.

Calves –


Calves – A cow is a calf-making machine.  Every year cows watch rain turn into grass, and then they turn the grass into a calf.  Ranchers and cowboys love watching baby calves run and play in the spring. When a calf is born the mother immediately begins […]

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Screech Owl –

Eastern screech owl - Texas

Screech Owl – The screech owl sounds like a spooky, mysterious creature, but it’s really just a small gray bird.  Do you see the camouflaged owl in this picture?   It is hard to tell where cottonwood tree stops and owl begins.  This a female whose mate drowned […]

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The Rut –

deer rut in Texas

The Rut – The rut happens once a year in late November, generally.  This is when bucks go crazy to breed does.  It begins mysteriously, perhaps because of a combination of less daylight and cold weather.  Bucks fight each other with their antlers for the chance to […]

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Fall –

Fall western soapberry motte

Fall – This little West Texas forest is beautiful this time of year, but it only stays that way for a couple weeks.  The trees are western soapberries and they grow in small groups called ‘mottes’.  They are the first tree to turn bright yellow.  They stand […]

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Buck Rubs –

buck rub fall

Buck Rubs – It’s that time of year again – red and yellow leaves, pumpkins, and finding deer sign in the woods. The most obvious sign – buck rubs – are just another part of the fall. A buck rub is when a male deer rubs its […]

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Wolf Spider –

wolf spider

Wolf Spider – Wolf spiders are perfectly named; they hunt like lone wolves.  Most spiders make a beautiful web and wait for the food to come to them, but wolf spiders prowl around and stalk their prey.  On occasion, if the spider is having bad luck, it […]

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