This is me, Wilder.  This is my Nature Journal.  Check back every now and then for new entries about outdoor stuff.  I am always coming across something interesting.

Monarch caterpillar

Monarch caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar – Today I found this monarch caterpillar. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the yellow, white, and black stripes that wind around its body. Soon it will make its chrysalis and turn into a majestic Monarch butterfly, with beautiful black and orange colored wings. I wish […]

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Old Yeller


Old Yeller – Speaking of dogs, my dog is just like Old Yeller.  Old Yeller is a story about a kid like me.  It’s another one of my favorite books.  Travis takes care of his family one summer on the Texas frontier.  Everything in it is real […]

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Dogs – I guess this isn’t nature exactly.  But dogs aren’t exactly civilized either.  Atleast Huck isn’t.  When it starts getting hot you just can’t keep dogs out of water or cow tanks.  Huck runs around a bit and then jumps in.  It sure brings out the […]

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Drought – Colorado isn’t very colorful is it?  This is a part of Colorado most people never see, the eastern flat and dry side of the state.  Just grass and ranches.  The only green things are cactus and yucca.  Do you see the tumble weeds on the […]

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Texas Bluebonnets


Texas Bluebonnets – These are Texas Bluebonnets but you probably already know that.  People talk about them a lot. I like them too.  They only grow in Texas just like this but they are a lupine which grows everywhere, just different kinds.  Colorado has mountain lupines and […]

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Whitetail Deer

White tail deer

Whitetail Deer – Here are some deer on my Papa’s ranch in West Texas.  They are called Whitetails.  It is springtime so they don’t have antlers anymore and the does are pretty fat and ready to have their fawns. Can you spot the bucks and the one […]

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