This is me, Wilder.  This is my Nature Journal.  Check back every now and then for new entries about outdoor stuff.  I am always coming across something interesting.

Mississippi Kite

mississippi kite

Mississippi Kite – These birds are very territorial. They will dive bomb you if you walk under their tree when they have young chicks. One time on a hunting trip my Dad and I walked under a tree and got dived on by the kite that lived […]

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Rattlesnake – Prairie rattlesnakes are a venomous pit viper snake. They are pit vipers because they have a heat sensing organ between their eye and nostril. By sensing heat they find and strike at their prey – which is primarily mice and rats and baby rabbits. Prairie […]

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Monarch butterfly

monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly – This is what a Monarch chrysalis turns into, a big beautiful orange and black butterfly. We raised some monarch caterpillars this year and they make a pretty green chrysalis that has golden specks in it. After they hatch, their wings are all folded up […]

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Rain gauge

rain gauge

Rain gauge – Rain makes the green come out in flowers, trees and plants. With rain, it’s all green; without rain, it’s all brown. Rain makes the rivers flow and keeps all the animals alive too, by keeping the plants that they eat alive.  I love the […]

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Dung beetle

dung beetle

Dung beetle – These beetles are rolling up horse manure. Their nickname is the rollers, because they roll up dung as a food source to put in a brooding chamber they dig in the ground. The male and female mate and then she lays her eggs inside […]

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White-winged Dove

white-winged dove

White-winged Dove – This is a momma dove with the second chick that she raised this year. They are roosting in a Ponderosa pine tree that is in my backyard. Doves are migratory birds and come north to nest and have babies in the summer. The momma […]

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