Book #3 – Wilder and Sunny

Wilder and Sunny LamplighterWilder and Sunny (#3)


“Dahlstrom’s superb writing takes Wilder through those anxiety-producing years between childhood and adulthood, when life’s simplest and most important lessons are learned.”  – Forbes

Lamplighter Award Finalist 2017-18


If you’ve read the first two books about Wilder Good, you already know he’s 12 years old and lives with his parents and little sister, Molly, in a small town in southern Colorado. He’s on the threshold between being a kid and beginning to grow up, and he’s trying his best to figure out just what it means to join that grownup world. There’s a lot to learn, and Wilder is grateful to the adults in his life who guide him.

In this third installment of “The Adventures of Wilder Good,” Wilder and his “secret” girlfriend, Sunny Parker, set out with Wilder’s mentor, Gale Loving, for a day of fly fishing on the Rio Grande. But in the Colorado wilderness an afternoon of fishing and fun can shift suddenly to a life-and-death challenge. When Gale is injured, Wilder and Sunny must take charge. Together, the two learn what it is to aid and protect a friend. With no one to turn to, they have to make their own decisions and rely on their own skills as darkness falls and they prepare to spend the night in the canyon tending to Gale.



Guided Reading level : S-T

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level : 4.5




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