Buck Track

buck track

Buck Track –

Tracks are what we use to track deer when we are hunting.  They look like little upside-down hearts.  When a doe or buck is walking in loose sand or dirt they leave these marks behind.  They are most readable in mud, like this one. Snow is even better for tracking.  Tracks tell a story if you can read them.

I find lots of animal tracks around my house and like to follow them just to see where the animals go.  If you are quiet you can sneak up on them sometimes, even deer.

Sometimes I try to guess whether a buck or a doe made the track.  Buck tracks are bigger.  In the spring and early summer, I see a mama doe’s tracks followed by a fawn’s tracks.  One time I followed the tracks far enough and I saw the newborn fawn bedded down in the grass.  It still had spots and didn’t move while I watched it.  It was like a statue.

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