Blue Jay


Blue Jay –

The blue jay is one of my favorite birds.  I love the way it looks and I love the its colors.  They live here year round and you can almost always hear them screeching in the woods.  Their eggs are a light blue with brown speckles.  I find these eggs in the woods and in my backyard a lot, and my sister has started a small collection of them.

The nest they build is shaped sort of like a bowl and is woven really tight.  I have seen a male and a female blue jay building one.  They have to fly off to get small twigs and then bring it back and work together to work the twigs into the nest so their babies don’t fall out.

This bird is kind of a bully.  It will screech loudly and swoop down on other birds and squirrels to steal food.  Sometimes it just seems to like harassing other animals.  I have seen squirrels trying to steal the eggs so they can eat them, and once I even saw another blue jay swoop in and eat an egg.

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