Cows –

These are cows on Papa’s ranch in Texas. He has a lot of cows. He is a rancher and a cowboy. The difference between most ranchers and cowboys is pretty slim, but mainly it’s that a rancher owns the land and cows.

Cows roam around the ranch and eat grass. Their only job is to stay out of trouble and make a calf each year. Some cows can do this for about ten years. Some cows don’t and you have to cull those out every year and take them to the sale barn.

One time my Dad and I went on a big hike up in the mountains near our house. We walked to the top of the ridge to try and find some wildlife. On top of the mountain, we looked around for a while expecting to see some deer or elk…and all we saw was a cow. Of all things to find on the top of a mountain, it was a cow.

On the way down we saw a woodpecker banging his beak on a tree. I think it was a sapsucker.

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