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Calves –


Calves – A cow is a calf-making machine.  Every year cows watch rain turn into grass, and then they turn the grass into a calf.  Ranchers and cowboys love watching baby calves run and play in the spring. When a calf is born the mother immediately begins […]

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Wheat Pasture Cattle –

Wheat Pasture Cattle

Wheat Pasture Cattle – During winter and spring, cattle dot wheat fields like little fishing boats in a green sea.  The hard red winter wheat that they graze is planted in September.  If rains come, the wheat germinates and begins to grow and spreads its slender green […]

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Chickens –


Chickens – My family has always raised chickens.  We collect the eggs to eat.  Farm eggs taste the best to me.  They are light brown, instead of the white ones that come in the store.  It’s a big deal to get a double-yolker. Every once in a […]

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Cows – These are cows on Papa’s ranch in Texas. He has a lot of cows. He is a rancher and a cowboy. The difference between most ranchers and cowboys is pretty slim, but mainly it’s that a rancher owns the land and cows. Cows roam around […]

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Rain gauge

rain gauge

Rain gauge – Rain makes the green come out in flowers, trees and plants. With rain, it’s all green; without rain, it’s all brown. Rain makes the rivers flow and keeps all the animals alive too, by keeping the plants that they eat alive.  I love the […]

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Horses – This is Fancy. She is Papa’s horse who lives in West Texas. She is the horse I learned to ride on, and then I learned to walk, trot, saddle and bridle, and lope on. She is tan with a black mane and brown eyes. That […]

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