Wheat Pasture Cattle –

Wheat Pasture Cattle

Wheat Pasture Cattle –

During winter and spring, cattle dot wheat fields like little fishing boats in a green sea.  The hard red winter wheat that they graze is planted in September.  If rains come, the wheat germinates and begins to grow and spreads its slender green leaves above ground.  It grows slowly all winter and can support light grazing.  Deer and wild pigs eat it too.

Cattle are brought in as soon as it warms up in late winter and the wheat goes into high-gear.  Usually hot-wire fences are strung up around it and as many cattle as possible are grazed.  If spring rains come, it is hard to keep enough cattle on the wheat to keep it from making seed heads too soon.  Eventually the wheat turns golden brown and dies and the cattle are shipped to summer grass.

The huge tubes in the background are wind turbine parts.  The turbines are used to generate electricity from the wind.  Farmers and ranchers are always looking for the best ways to utilize the land.

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