Chickens –


Chickens –

My family has always raised chickens.  We collect the eggs to eat.  Farm eggs taste the best to me.  They are light brown, instead of the white ones that come in the store.  It’s a big deal to get a double-yolker.

Every once in a while when the roosters seem busy we put some eggs in an incubator to let them hatch.  When they hatch, out comes these wet, dark-feathered little chicks that are kind of strange looking.  Pretty soon though, the chicks dry out and are covered with yellow downy feathers.  Eventually they grow up to be hens or roosters.  Having baby chicks around is a lot of fun.

Sometimes the big roosters attack us when we feed the chickens and collect eggs.  They get feisty because they are the head of the flock.  When I get too close, they want to prove how tough they are.  It’s usually best to grab a stick.  They have drawn blood on me with their spurs many times, but I generally return the favor.

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