Yucca –

Yucca is a spiky bush that lives in the hot and dry plains of Texas and Colorado. These pretty white flowers can be put into a salad, or eaten right off the stalk. I eat them every spring and cows and horses do too.

The leaves are stiff and sword-shaped and they hurt if you poke yourself on them. The Native Americans used to use the roots of a yucca for soaps, and they would use the strong cords of fiber for baskets, cloth, and even sandals. I have braided short ropes from the leaf fibers. It is easy to do and they are very strong.

These plants are pollinated by the Yucca Moth, who spreads the pollen to other yuccas, and then it lays an egg inside the flowers of the yucca. Then the larvae hatch inside the flower and eats most of the seeds. It’s pretty cool that one bug can do all that.

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